Vanapa farm

Vanapa Village Chicken Farm (VVCF) was established with the support of Kyeema Foundation to implement a food security and income generating program for rural villages. We will undertake village chicken breeding and rearing activities and introduce village chickens as an additional and accessible protein source for villagers.

For now, our focus is on increasing our village chicken numbers through selective breeding practices, aimed at improving both egg-laying and weight of birds, so that they are dual purpose for both egg and meat production. When our flock size is large enough, we will be undertaking community training days for interested farmers in the district. Stay tuned for updates!

The project location

VVCF is located at Kanobaba’a, approximately forty (40) kilometres west of Port Moresby (capital of Papua New Guinea) off Hiritano Highway in Kairuku Hiri District, Central Province.

Vanapa Village Chicken Farm as seen on google earth map.

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