Project Overview

Ali Ume

My vision

Working with rural communities in Papua New Guinea (PNG) to shift from subsistence farming practices to modern agricultural practices

My mission

  • Improve Skills and Knowledge of rural people to increase personal income,
  • Improve management practices for Micro to Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) to establish a sustainable enterprise.

My activities

  • Promote Food and nutrition security and generate income in rural communities,
  • Identify qualified individuals and organisations locally and abroad to work with rural people of PNG to develop skills and knowledge,
  • Establish links and networks in country and abroad for rural people to access agricultural resources, materials and equipment,
  • Link rural people and businesses with individuals and organisations in country and abroad to improve supply chain and trade.

My profile

I am passionate about helping the people of PNG to access the best and practical opportunities to develop themselves and their businesses. I have a good knowledge of training and development pathways in Australia. My strengths are in facilitating and networking, linking people and businesses to achieve their goals.

In my previous life I worked with Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries for 30 plus years. Roles included administration, Deputy Registrar of Cattle Brand Registration to project officer in two AusAID funded projects from 2008 to 2017, between Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (QDAF) and PNG National Department of Agriculture and Livestock (NDAL).

The first AusAID project involved Capacity building DAL and Livestock Development Corporation (LDC) personnel in policy and livestock production. LDC staff were trained and attained Australian Cert III Animal Production Qualification and travelled within Queensland on scoping and industry development studies.

The second AusAID project included agriculture curriculum development working with PNG’s Mount Hagen Agricultural College (HAC), during this time HAC personnel were trained and attained Australian TAE Cert IV training and assessment qualification they also travelled to Brisbane, Longreach and Emerald colleges on scoping studies.


Since retiring from QDAF, I am continuing what I started, that is to assist as many individuals and businesses to achieve their objectives and by doing so will improve lives in rural communities and their families.

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