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Vanapa Village Chicken Farming

The local villagers in Vanapa, Central Province are trialling village chicken (VC) farming. The structured management practices of VC chicken farming is new to them, as prior to this new venture the VC were kept as pets which roamed freely. The owners of VC sold them when an opportunity arose, they rarely consumed eggs or…

Vanapa pics

Vanapa Farm moving forward, the land has been prepared in preparation to plant crops. (Thank you Solange Oa for the images)

Land preparation

Grateful to have friends with machinery, Mr Oa Kaisa offered his New Holland TD5, 75 HP Tractor on mates rates to prepare the farm land. The land is prepared for planting corn to feed livestock as well as sell to Dairy farm and at general local markets in Port Moresby. A variety of crops will…

Village Chicken Farming Champion

Name: Amedio Kaikai Location: Vanapa, Hiritano Highway, CP, PNG Amedio is a local farmer at Vanapa in Central Province (CP). He grew up in the area, went to local primary school, and was fortunate to be offered a place at De La Sale College at Bereina in CP. While at college he developed a passion…

Leron Farm Markham Valley, Morobe Province

Leron Farm is located in Markham Valley in Morobe Province of Papua New Guinea (PNG). The farm is set up in an Agri industry concept. The farm started off as a hobby farm to grow fruit trees, vegetable gardens and run some livestock. Leron Farm is gradually becoming a family run business and is employing…

Vanapa farm – ducks

While facing the challenges of starting a poultry farm, we have included ducks in the mix. After losing a few ducklings and the only male duck being stolen by some opportunists, we are fortunate to have 2 ducklings and a number of eggs yet to hatch. Hoping that we will have a couple of males…

The first of Vanapa Village Chicken project participant

Following up of an interest from a local Farmer in Vanapa, he was advised to build a chicken house in preparation to receive stock. In February 2020 he  was given two (2) hens and a rooster. The hens laid 10 eggs within a short time,  he now has 5 chicks and waiting for rest to…

Kyeema visit to Vanapa

Was a flying visit from officials of Kyeema Foundation, sponsors of Vanapa Village Chicken project. Engaging with local people of Vanapa, experiencing the local village hospitality. A huge thank you also to officers from Central Province Administration for hosting Celia and Robyn and my family and friends for the hospitality Kokoda Track Foundation dinner The…

The beginning of a journey

I have been involved with my good friend, Ali Ume, on a number of development projects in PNG over the last few years. These have included specialist accredited training, people development and research and development. This new direction into food security and sustainable farming is a very interesting extension of previous project work. This website…

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